Thermocol Materials

Thermocol Packaging Moulding Materials

This packaging molding offered by us successfully meets the requirements of our customer who are looking for high quality dependable packaging requirements for their various products. Its superior shock absorbing capacity also ensures safety of the packed products during transit period.


Thermocol Packaging materials


These sheets or blocks are lightweight and eco friendly and enable in easy transportation. They are used for packaging of glass articles, gift articles, and electronic components. They also have a wide application in the automobile industry. They are widely used as insulation tiles in homes, showrooms, offices, IT buildings, banks, hotels and other similar establishments.

EPP Packing Materials

OurĀ EPE Foam (expanded polyethylene foam) based packaging materials, epp packaging materials, expanded polystyrene packaging, polystyrene packaging and epp packaging packaging are manufactured using low-density polyethylene as a base material.

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Thermocol EPS Packing Materials


These feature closed cell foams as well as lightweight and flexible construction thus making it suitable for varied packaging options. A superior grade of polypropylene is used to make these materials which in turn increase their durability